Cannabis Hybrid VS. Ruderalis Seeds: What Is The Best Cannabis Strain?

Besides the two main strains, Sativa and Indica strains, cannabis Hybrid and Ruderalis are also two prominent strain on US seed banks. They are all cannasbis strains that provide great experiences for both growers and stoners.

While Sativa and Indica are always put on the scales together, Hybrid and Ruderalis are also a pair that always go together. These two strains have their pros and cons.

And to pick out a more prominent strain, let’s put it on the scale to see what is the best cannabis strain.

#1 Origin

Cannabis Ruderalis is originally from Russia. They usually grow naturally on the sidewalks or in gardens of households. This cannabis strain does not originate from hot, humid climates such as Sativa or Indica but grows wild in an area with harsh climates like Russia.

And the origin of the Hybrid strain is from a hybrid between Sativa and Indica. Breeders always want to select the most prominent traits from these two strains to create the best strain. And that is why the cannabis Hybrid was born.

#2 Morphology

As a result of a hybrid between 100% Sativa strain and a 100% Indica strain, Hybrid morphology combines these two strains thanks to the dominant genes.

Cannabis Hybrid is of medium height, higher than Indica and lower than Sativa. Their leaves are not as thin as Sativa and nor as fat as Indica.

They have fast flowering time like Indica strain and superior shoots like Sativa strain. It can be said that the F1 Hybrid has the most outstanding features from these two common strain.

Ruderalis doesn’t have as many crowns and flowers as Hybrid. They are small in size, not too tall and stout. However, it has a feature that no cannabis strain has, which is autoflowering.

This strain blooms automatically after reaching maturity (in a short period of a few weeks). They bloom without relying on the sun’s illumination time like other varieties.

#3 Effect

Cannabis Hybrid strain has a unique flavor of Sativa and has great medical potential of Indica. It is strain sought by many grower because it can bring unique flavor, long lasting excitement and reduce stoner fatigue. It also has a great productivity.

Cannabis Ruderalis has an unpleasant taste. But when it was bred with Sativa or Indica to produce autoflowering strains, the taste improved greatly. It can create exciting, dreamy effects for the stoner.

Final Verdict

Cannabis Hybrid is more prominent strain than cannabis Ruderalis. It has a superior taste and yield and is also an easy-to-grow and care cannabis seed. But if the cannabis Ruderalis is bred into an Autoflowering strain, it will be of equal quality to the Hybrid.

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