Nirvana Seed Bank Review 2020: EU Seed Bank With Best Generosity


If you asked an Amsterdam grower where you should buy cannabis seeds, he would not hesitate to nominate you for the Nirvana seed bank. This is a reputable seed bank and offers the highest quality seeds to customers.

This seed bank is very attentive for each order you receive. They never stop trying and always show their respect for each order. That is also one of the reasons that they receive so many positive reviews from customers on Reddit and Trustpilot.

They distribute a wide variety of seeds to many parts of the world. They are gradually adding more seeds to enrich their seed stock.

Nirvana seed bank is increasingly asserting its position in the seed industry, not only in Amsterdam but throughout Europe.

What Do They Sell?

Nirvana seed bank is the result of the founder’s efforts during the past 40 years. He started his journey as an employee at a large cannabis plant in Amsterdam.

He learned a lot from the store and made the decision to set up his own seed bank. Then he spent much of his time and money traveling around the world searching for the best seeds.

In 1995, Nirvana Shop for the first time came into operation as a seed bank providing a variety of seeds and some other special products.

At this seed bank, customers can find a wide variety of cannabis seeds, of all types and strains. They also have the seeds that they self-bred.

However, the most special feature of this seed bank is that they create many other products from cannabis such as hemp wine, hemp beer, hemp ice tea and even hemp liqueur. It was this creation that brought a great deal to the Nirvana seed bank. And that is also one of the reasons why they are so loved.

This seed bank is also working hard to improve and update new seeds. That allows growers to have more options for shopping work.

Seeds from this seed bank are considered to have good germination rates and are varied. In particular, you can find many rare seeds at this seed bank such as Bubblelicious, AK48, Wonder Woman and a few other impressive names.

It is this creativity and originality of Nirvana that has helped them become an outstanding seed bank not only in Amsterdam, Europe but all over the world.

How About Their Customer Service?

If you have had a bad experience buying seeds at other seed banks, you will be extremely satisfied with Nirvana’s customer service. They know how to please customers and bring the best experience to their customers.

Growers can contact them in a variety of ways. The fastest way is to chat directly with seed bank employees via phone number or email address.

The staff of this seed bank are evaluated to be very professional and responsive. At any time, they are ready to answer customer questions. They responded with a warm and friendly attitude.

In addition, customer care staff will also provide customers with tips or practical experience to help customers solve problems quickly. Individuality is always appreciated with their customer service.

Customers can check the list of frequently asked questions so that they do not have to spend time communicating with the staff. These FAQs are available on their website.

In particular, this seed bank has a Blog containing lots of information resources about cannabis. It’s called Weedportal. This is also the exchange place of growers around the world. You can join and will definitely gather a lot of useful information in it.

Are There Any Coupon Code Available?

Nirvana seed banks are not only highly appreciated for their customer service, but they are also one of the famous seed banks with low prices.

In the cannabis industry, it is difficult to find affordable places to buy quality seeds. Nirvana does it and they do even better.

They have a lot of promo codes and regularly update them on their website. So growers can buy seeds for a much cheaper price.

They launch promotions very often so you don’t have to spend a lot of time hunting for discount codes. You just need to keep an eye on their website to be able to apply these coupon codes on time.

Not only is this seed bank free of 10 seeds for all orders, but this seed bank is considered a generous business with its regular incentives.

How About Their Shipping Policy?

As an outstanding seed bank online, Nirvana attaches great importance to the customer experience. They always want all orders to be delivered to customers safely and quickly.

They ensure that orders are completely personal confidential, without any information from buyers as well as advertising about this seed bank on the envelope. Payments are also guaranteed so that no one will know what item you have traded.

Besides, they also provide stealth transport service if requested by the customer. This mode of shipping is extremely reliable, they make the order so delicate that it can pass customs inspection.

The stealth transport also comes at a reasonable, if not cheap, price compared to other seed banks. They offer free shipping on orders over 100 euros.

All orders are bundled with 10 free seeds. These seeds will be selected at random. Of course they come with a good germination rate, not bad quality seeds at all.

This seed bank distributes seeds to all over the world, unfortunately outside of two countries Japan and Australia. However, customers from regions that have not yet legalized cannabis should check the policies before placing an order.

Orders will be worked immediately after successful payment. Orders in Europe will be delivered to customers 1-7 days, delivery time is expected about 20-25 days in other regions.

However, under the influence of COVID-19, the delivery time may be longer than expected.

Is Nirvana Seed Bank Legit?

Yes, totally! Nirvana seed bank is 100% legit and trustworthy. They have been in the seed industry for a long time and have a lot of experience with the industry. What they have been doing is respectful.

This seed bank received a lot of trust and received from customers, but not so they stopped trying. They still strive to provide customers with the best product experience and experience.

So there is nothing suspicious about this seed bank. They are a safe and reliable site for you to deposit your investment on.

Final Verdict

Nirvana seed bank is not only a reputable and safe seed bank for growers in Europe, but also growers in other regions should also consider this seed bank. They not only distribute good quality seeds, but also take great customer care.

Besides, we also evaluate them with good delivery policy, great sales and promotions. Only one limitation that needs to be overcome is the delivery time.

If they can improve the delivery times faster for the customer, we believe this seed bank will go even further in the future. But overall, they are still a seed bank that is worth choosing from the growers.

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